Why Online PR And SEO Go Hand in Hand?

SEO and PR combined together can be very powerful.  PR is a very good way to get legitimate “white hat” links of real authority.
Once you have optimized your website and made sure all aspects of your website are SEO friendly, the most important part of optimization happens off the page.  This is where you start link building and get external sites back to yours. That plays a crucial role in telling search engines how important your site really is.
Public Relations (as well as other related tactics and effective methods of promoting your business like issuing press release), when used in tandem with your targeted keywords in mind, can produce spectacular results in helping your website achieve its objectives.
SEO Tips for Public Relations
We are sharing with you key SEO tips for your press releases to embrace when fine tuning for maximum SEO impact:
Your most important keyword must appear within the first 65 characters of your headline. Remember- and the closer to the beginning of the headline, the better.   Search engines do really place weight on the prominence of keywords in your PR content – key phrases that appear higher on the page are assumed by Google to be what that press release is really ‘about.’  Don’t wait for the boilerplate to utilize your keywords.
Repeat your important keyword in the first paragraph, and link it using anchor text to a relevant page on your web site (preferably a specific page related to that word, not the homepage.)
Write naturally, and feel free to use synonyms (e.g. “SEO” and “search engine optimization” and “optimizing for search engines”). The advice from Google has always been to use synonyms/abbreviations and search engines understand them. It definitely improves the readability of your text and your readers will appreciate them.
Don’t stuff your press release with keywords. Focus your document on just one or two keywords, and insert just one or two hyperlinks.   Trying to cram too many keywords and links into one document is not visually attractive for your readers and is not SEO friendly.   Less is more in this case.
Anchor Text:
Anchor texts (aka hyperlinking a keyword to a specific URL) are like a channel directing readers straight back to your web site. This achieves one very important goal:  it has enormous potential to increase overall SEO for your website.


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