Is your Computer infected with malware? Tips to avoid malware meltdown!

Will YOU lose the internet on Monday? Here's how to avoid malware meltdown

FBI announced  computer infected with malware will lose internet service on Monday.  
New York: Tens of thousands of American whose  computer are infected with malware will lose internet service on Monday. Don't worry about malware if your system has this infection. We can provide some steps to solve this problem. First of all check whether your system has this infection or not??

Actually their are lot of malware, how do you know which malware will be checked by  FBI? FBi will mainly check your computer for 'Alureon/DNS Changer bot'. FBI takes down the servers at 12.01 a.m on Monday, July 9, 2012. 

To avoid this internet down, users need to check if their computer infected with DNS Changer. None of antivirus software provide any protection in this matter. Even Mac computer are also in Risk. 

How to check is your system infected with Malware or Not?

To confirm for maleware attack in your system or not. You can visit DNS OK US. If you found screen is Red, that means your computer is infected with Malware. If you see, Green signals then you need not worry about. But it is not 100% sure that your system is fully cleaned with malware attack. You could still be at risk. 

FBI recruited some experts to fix this problem and to check malware machine. You can also go to, running by the DNS Changer Working Group. DCWG gives you detailed instructions if you want to check the computer manually. Your ISP may also help you if your machine is infected. If you found your computer at risk. You can fix by visiting Make sure to backup before go to fix option.

FBI spread warnings about the problem across Facebook and Google. ISP have been sent notice already. FBI has been setup its special website for this. According to FBI their are more than 360,000 system infected.

In USA whose computer are infected on Monday they lose their ability to go online. You can call your Internet Service Provider for help deleting the malware and reconnecting to the Internet once again.

How to Protect Your System from Malware Attack?

Follow these simple steps:
  1. Visit FBI - Approved site - - if you see Green background then you are safe but  if you see Red that means you are at  Risk.
  2. If you have seen Red Background then we suggest you to visit which lists free virus scanner and removal software. It helps you to protect your system.

Its my personal recommendations if your system got Red Signal then try Microsoft Windows Defender or Avira. These help you free of cost to remove Malware. To get more details about malware you can visit Share with your friends and family to don't get them down on Monday.


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